Marketing for real estate agents who want to become superstars.

Imagine waking up to a flood of new inquiries in your email inbox every day, without even lifting a finger. You’ve already helped hundreds, if not thousands of people with their buying and selling needs, provided them with helpful tips and guides, and established yourself as the go-to expert in your area. And the best part? You get to spend more time with your family and focus on what’s most important to you.

At UnclePhil, we specialize in helping real estate agents like you achieve these incredible results by building highly valued relationships with your customers. Here’s how we do it:

with us you will:


Stay ahead of the competition with our free articles and the latest trends in real estate marketing.


Get a free, personalized consultation to identify the critical challenges facing your business and the best ways to address them.


Save time and effort with our custom email campaigns that nurture and educate your prospects, so they feel like they’re having a direct conversation with you.


Showcase your newest listings and offer affiliated services to all potential customers or keep your audience warm with regular updates and guides relevant to them.

But how exactly do we help you achieve these incredible results?

Seems like a lot of things you need to keep up with? Do not worry, we have got you covered. We will:


We start by getting to know you and your goals, then set up email collection, add emails to the list, and connect with analytics and other tools.


We take care of writing, designing, programming, and sending out your email campaigns, with specialized helpful emails related to the customer’s seasonal needs, automated emails, and newsletters.


We prepare and run automated campaigns for your prospects, based on their individual needs and phases. For example, if someone is selling their home, we’ll send them sequenced guides to help them prepare for the sale.


We segment your list to ensure the right people get the right information at the right time, re-engage inactive subscribers, and remove those who are no longer interested.

See how an automated sequence looks like:

Why email?

With email marketing, you get to have the best of both worlds – personalized communication with your leads and the ability to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time.

So, if you’re ready to become a real estate superstar and achieve unparalleled success, let us help you get there. Contact us today for your free consultation.

  1. Email generates a $42 ROI (Litmus)

  2. Fifty-nine percent of B2B marketing professionals say that email is the most effective channel when it comes to revenue generation. (Emma)

  3. Brands are 6 times more likely to get a click-through (CT) from an email campaign than they are from a tweet. (Campaign Monitor)

  4. List segmentation is shown to boost the average click-through rate by approximately 60%. (Lyfe Marketing)

  5. Eighty percent of retail marketers state that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention. (eMarketer)

  6. Seventy-three percent of millennials identify email as their preferred method of business communication. (Procurious)

  7. Twenty-three percent of those who open an email on a mobile device are going to open it again later. (Campaign Monitor)

  8. Seventy-two percent of consumers state that they prefer to receive promotional content through email, and only 17% state that they prefer social media. (MarketingSherpa)

  9. Email marketing drives more overall conversion than any other marketing channel including social media and search. (Kibo)

Email marketing is the best marketing for real estate agents for a number of reasons.

First, it allows agents to stay in touch with their leads and prospects on a regular basis, which is essential for building relationships. The best thing? You do not need to write those emails manually. Each email is designed so it hits the right person at the right time. 

Second, it is a great way to reach a large audience, and it can be highly targeted to those who are most likely to be interested in your listings or advices. The lists can be segmented for potential buyers or sellers, prospects, customers and beyond. Did you know that when you post on your social media profile, only 5-15 % of your followers will see it? Email is sent to all the relevant people on your list.

Third, not only you can show your listings, but you can also send reminders, guides, checklists, and more. Your prospects will appreciate you being there at the right time.

Finally, email marketing is easy to measure and track, so you can always see how your campaigns are performing and make necessary adjustments.

We are the global experts in email marketing, so you can be the local expert in real estate.